1. Top Reasons For Foreclosure

    Why Do Homes Go Into Foreclosure?   Here at Investors At Auction, we are around foreclosures all of the time. While foreclosure is never a situation that we want to see people in, we also understand that the foreclosure process is simply a part of the real estate market that is forever ingrained in the system. While most of our blogs center around helping or customers make the most out of the…Read More

  2. Buying A Foreclosure The Smart Way Pt. 2

    Foreclosure Auctions Offer a Great Value   Hello, and welcome to part two of our blog series dedicated to helping our readers learn some insider tips on effectively purchasing foreclosed homes through the auction process. In our last post, we focused mainly on the different stages that a foreclosed home goes through when the homeowner or lender is trying to divest themselves from a property. …Read More

  3. Foreclosed Homes And Remodeling

    Let Us Handle Your Foreclosure Remodeling Project   At Investors At Auction, we understand the enormity of winning a foreclosed home at auction. While the thrill of the chase and the victory at auction is something that many people relish, what comes after can be a little more challenging. As we all know, placing a winning bid at a foreclosure auction is only half of the battle; the remodelin…Read More

  4. Buying A Foreclosure The Smart Way

    Is Buying a Foreclosure Really That Different?   No matter your reasoning for looking into the foreclosure market, foreclosed homes can be very appealing. Foreclosed properties are a great opportunity for people to be able to buy into a neighborhood that may be out of their price range. However, when acquiring a foreclosed property at auction it is important to be savvy. Foreclosed properties…Read More

  5. Benefits of Property Management

    Use Your Investment Property to Generate Cash   Here at Investors At Auction, we specialize in helping individuals through the often confusing process of foreclosure auctions. Our experts guide you through the foreclosure auction processĀ and help you to understand the rules, processes, and regulations that are present in the foreclosed home market. However, helping individuals through the fo…Read More

  6. Foreclosure As An Investment

    Foreclosed Homes Can Earn You Money   As a result of the 2008 collapse of the housing market, roughly 10 million homes have been foreclosed across the United States. While this a regrettable number, it has created a boom in the foreclosure auction field. Here at Investors At Auction, we are experts at the foreclosure auction process, and today we wanted to go over a few tips you should keep i…Read More